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Are you an officer seeking to enhance your skills in dealing with First Amendment auditors and protestors? Look no further! Our comprehensive training is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the complex landscape of protected speech and take appropriate enforcement action when needed. Join us as we explore the intricacies of the First Amendment, delve into the world of auditors and protestors, and provide you with practical guidance to handle these situations effectively.

1. Protected Speech: Understand the boundaries of protected speech. Gain clarity on the types of speech that enjoy constitutional protection, enabling you to differentiate between protected expressions of free speech and those that may fall outside the realm of constitutional protection.

2. Unprotected Speech: Explore the categories of speech that may be deemed unprotected under the First Amendment.

3. Dealing with First Amendment Auditors and Protestors: Learn effective strategies for handling encounters with First Amendment auditors and protestors. Discover techniques for maintaining professionalism, ensuring public safety, and upholding the rights of individuals engaging in protected speech, all while fulfilling your duty to enforce the law and maintain order.

4. Simultaneous Engagement in Protected Speech and Enforcement Action: Gain insights into how to handle situations where an individual is simultaneously engaged in protected speech and requires legitimate enforcement action.

Enroll today and become a master in handling First Amendment auditors and protestors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Coley Hebrard
Great Case Law Review

I feel that having the related case law reviewed and at hand is a great asset to have in your arsenal during the troubling and testing times we are in.

Michael Banic
Great class

This is a great class. I'm looking forward to your trespassing class.

Sgt. Newell
Cops & Camersa

It was good

Steve Falotico

Cops & Cameras Downloads


Great class. Well worth the time. Thank You!