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  •      Kansas Search and Seizure Survival Guide    
  •      Kansas Search and Seizure Survival Guide    
  •      Kansas Search and Seizure Survival Guide    

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Kansas Search and Seizure Survival Guide

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A Must-Have Resource for Kansas Police Officers

Did you know? According to the Local Government Insurance Trust, most commonly, police officers are sued for alleged violations of the Fourth Amendment (unreasonable search and seizure) [1].

Being a police officer comes with its own set of challenges, but one of the most taxing aspects of this noble profession is compliance with the Fourth Amendment in real-time field situations. 

Having a deeper understanding of how to navigate the Fourth Amendment, which is anything but black and white, can go a long way in protecting yourself against potential lawsuits and helping you have a successful career in this field. 

Written by a veteran of the profession with decades of experience, The Search and Seizure Survival Guide for Kansas Law Enforcement encompasses legal standards, practical tips, and timely updates, enabling you to conduct lawful searches and seizures while respecting an individual's rights.

Trusted by thousands of agencies across the nation, it’s been praised for its down-to-earth approach and called ‘a must have’ and ‘mandatory reading’ by other Kansas officers.

In many ways, this is the ultimate, indispensable resource for law enforcement professionals, especially in the state of Kansas. This Book:

  1. Gives you a detailed understanding of the Fourth Amendment in an accessible and straightforward checklist-type format so that you can apply the information in complex legal scenarios. 
  1. Covers almost every conceivable warrantless search an officer is likely to run into in the field from home, vehicles, patdowns, electronic searches, K9s, and more.
  1. Avoids complex jargon often found in books written for legal professionals. The Kansas Search and Seizure Survival Guide is written for police officers by an ex-officer turned attorney. 
  1. Contains specific case law for Kansas police officers from Kansas courts and the 10th Circuit.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to police work, if you want to enhance your effectiveness and limit your liability while fostering trust within the communities you serve in the state, you can hardly go wrong with this practical guide. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Larry J. Carlson
Must have for all levels of LEO

These are my go to books that I have owned for years & purchase them every year for my officers & supervisors.
For potential buyers, don't just try and fake it because you won't make it in this profession & in today's world. Make the purchase, read the book, & study it. You'll be extremely happy.
LJC, LEO of 26 years

Good but Could be even better

Good layout, very easy to read.
However, a bibliography of all referenced court cases at the end/part of the index would be further helpful.

Perfect reference book for LEO’s

Excellent and complete content.