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RS/PC Pocket Guide

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The RS/PC Pocket Guide: A Comprehensive Resource for Reasonable Suspicion and Probable Cause

The purpose of this book is straightforward - I want to help
you articulate your reasonable suspicion (“RS”) and probable
cause (“PC”) in your reports. Why? Because that’s the main
way to win cases and avoid suppression hearings altogether.
Articulate, articulate, articulate!

In my experience, most cops lose their cases because they
failed to articulate their RS and PC. This is true even if the
officer actually had RS or PC. In other words, when I speak to
cops that lost a criminal case, or were successfully sued, they
often had enough facts and circumstances to WIN their
cases. But they lost because they either did not articulate it
properly or were not able to translate what they saw or heard
on-scene into RS or PC. You see what I mean? Articulation is

This book will help you articulate things that are often hidden
“in plain sight.” The suspect is telegraphing his guilt, you just
need to be able to articulate it. That’s where this book comes

Use this resource often and be prepared to proactively catch
and help convict people who want nothing more than to
victimize the most vulnerable. Until next time, stay safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Chris Iwan

This book is awesome! The book is not full with legal jargon but simple concepts and is easy to follow. I will definitely be letting OIT's use it when they write reports to assist with what they saw and a guide to articulation.

Anthony Kiefer
Happy I found Blue to Gold!

I found Blue to Gold because they came to my agency for a training class, and I’m happy that happened because their books are so informative and help me be a more effective street cop!

John Gonzalez

The books are good and easy to read

William May

RS/PC Pocket Guide

Great resource

Looking through it has great amount of handy info to use in my reports. Again you never fail putting awesome stuff out for street cops to do the job effectively.