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TN Search and Seizure

Fantastic and real world information to better yourself as a Peace Officer and continually train with such wonderful tools like this.
Thank you
Lieutenant R. Rudicel - Warren County Sheriff’s Department

Great course!

These course are great. Instructors are very knowledgeable.

Comfortable and Funny

Comfortable shirt and gets a laugh out of everyone when they see it!

Hot and Fresh Pursuit
Joshua Svendsen
Hot and Fresh Pursuit

Great refresher training! Thanks

Indiana Search & Seizure Survival Guide

Bulletproof Courtroom Testimony

Advanced Search & Seizure

Excellent class

Plain View & Plain Feel
Brennan Grimley

Plain View & Plain Feel

Basic Search & Seizure for Police Academies Review

This course has proven very helpful to our cadets in helping them learn the nuances of Arrest, Search & Seizure. We add the online course as a supplemental exercise to be completed by our cadets. The process of getting their account established with B2G was extremely easy and efficient.

I have also asked my intructors to take this course to be able to answer any questions a cadet may pose regarding the content and how it relates to our Basic Peace Officer Training in Texas.

I highly recommend this training.


great interaction live with students.

Informative Download

The documentation I downloaded pertaining to HR 218 was very informative.

Drugs on Wheels
Aaron Graham

Drugs on Wheels

Great training

Awesome and dynamic instructor.

Excited for knowledge

While attending the Georgia Chiefs of Police training I had the opportunity to attend a search and seizure refresher class. Utilizing this training and the purchase of this well written book , our agency has decided to pass this information on to our troops. Love the standards and case law updates which helps these officers understand better to do’s and dont’s of search and seizure. Thank you

Blue to Gold: Search and Seizure Survival Guide

An excellent resource for academia regarding criminal justice courses, as well as for law enforcement training academies, in-service training, and roll call.

Fine for those who need a lot of help or lack general experience

It’s clear that the author had great intentions when putting this book together. Overall, it’s a well put together resource (sans several typos and syntax related errors). Putting together a catch-all guide for a national audience is tough and I think BTG did a decent job here.

I imagine this book is very helpful to cops that have little or no experience properly articulating basic elements in their reports (or cops that haven’t been embarrassed on a witness stand at some point). This book is likely best suited for smaller departments or cops that rarely see a variety of situations.

Perhaps the level of training I received going through our department’s academy is different than many other officers nationwide, because this all seems like a beginner’s guide to basic report writing.

* This seems to be a trend for BTG trainings / material. I recently attended an “advanced” course on the topic of search and seizure. Aside from plenty of references to relatively obscure case studies, that class was far from advanced. Again, it was basic, introductory material, at least from my perspective. Helpful, to be sure but not so much that I would have considered it to be “advanced.” *

I am pleased that books like this exist and I am genuinely grateful for BTG’s commitment to serving the law enforcement profession, however, I’m shocked that such basic material is labeled / viewed as “advanced.”

I would recommend it but caution those that reference it to not consider it to be the gospel on report writing and articulation. It can be a useful guide - but use it as one option to learning and improving. I’d also suggest chatting with your local criminal prosecuting attorneys, reading reports from other agencies when possible, etc…

- Officer from Lubbock, TX

Warrantless Home Entries

I thought was a good class. I never was taught some of the case laws and the law on this topic. We learned hands on and what we learned was not correct. You should take this course if you want to be more effective and not be vulnerable legally.

Warrantless Home Entry Review

This course was a great refresher and clarified my understanding of the topic. I really like the Blue to Gold on-line classes; they are convenient and helpful for small departments like ours that cannot afford the loss of manpower to send to in person classes.

Warrantless Home Entries

Hot and Fresh Pursuit
Ernesto Dominguez
Real world application

Great presentation with actual footage and explanations of how case law applies in the moment. I enjoyed this presentation keep up the good work.

Undercover Operations Downloads

Federal Concealed Carry Downloads - HR218

Federal Concealed Carry Downloads - HR218

Great information which will help any officer feel more confident

I've taken a good amount of classes on this platform and I couldn't recommend these classes more. Every officer that wants to be proactive or have a better grasp of your everyday duties should take these classes.

California Search & Seizure Survival Guide

Easy to read and understand. Provides bullet points on keys points required to build a solid case and win cross examinations on legal grounds.